July 15, 2016

Good Causes

On the 4th October 2015 Samuel sustained a Spinal Cord Injury whilst playing rugby. This has resulted in Samuel being in a wheelchair with a long hard road in front of him. This has devastated Samuel’s life and our family. We have had amazing support by our friends, family and community. We have also had support by some outstanding charities and this year I am proud to say the Stonesfield Septembeerfest are supporting these charities through their profit. Please help us to support them to continue their fantastic work.

Back Up Trust

Back up is a national charity for everyone affected by spinal cord injury, providing services that transforms lives and rebuild confidence and independence. Services which they provide is regardless of age or level of injury, and also includes support for family members.

Back Up Trust Logo

This charity is first class and has been invaluable to Samuel and all of our family. They are there whenever we ask with a listening ear, practical advice and support

Paediatric Physiotherapy Department, Childrens Hospital – John Radcliffe, Oxford

The Paediatric Physiotherapy Department provide physiotherapy at all stages of children’s treatment and care at the Children’s Hospital, offering patient centred care individual to each child’s needs.

The Physiotherapists in the Children’s Hospital were the first sign of hope we had after Samuel’s injury was diagnosed. They encouraged, coaxed and were positive during Samuels sessions. Physio was Samuel’s favourite time of the day, and there is hardly a day goes by that we don’t talk fondly of them or refer to what they said. We will always be grateful for their amazing care.

Childrens Wards – John Radcliffe, Oxford.

The Childrens Wards offer first class care during some of the most difficult times in a young person’s life. We would like to provide an X-Box for each ward.

The children’s Wards are a unique environment. Children do need to be able to escape and do some of the activities they would do at home. Providing an X-Box will help the children to do this.